I apologise in advance if I'm tardy with commenting on your blogs or returning comments during the week... I will get to you though!

Bron from Canberra, Australia

Wonderful balance in this shot - colours, tones, textures are really well handled Daroru

28 Sep 2007 5:59am

@Bron: Cheers Bron!

kairospix from Singapore, Singapore

i like how you captured the guy on the right looking at the ladies!
is this at kabukicho?

28 Sep 2007 3:27pm

@kairospix: Thanks K. No, this is in Kishiwada, watching the festival that I've been posting images from recently.

Amir from ?, United States

Really nice my friend.

28 Sep 2007 4:14pm

@Amir: Thanks Amir.

Pouhou from Apeldoorn, Netherlands

watching the show ?

28 Sep 2007 7:48pm

@Pouhou: They are. Thanks Pouhou!

Damon Schreiber from Toronto, Canada

Lovely atmosphere!

28 Sep 2007 9:51pm

@Damon Schreiber: Cheers Damon.

Alfredo J. Martiz J. from Tokyo, Japan

Nice shot Daroru!

29 Sep 2007 3:58am

@Alfredo J. Martiz J.: Thanks Alfredo!

michi from Auckland, New Zealand

no....but seen those alot on TV. If get chance, I really would like to go!!!

30 Sep 2007 2:15am

@michi: It's good michi!

tokyo-drifter from Tokyo, Japan

Very nice, sneaky capture! Great dark and light shading.

9 Oct 2007 3:35am

@tokyo-drifter: Thanks t-d!