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Under Umeda

I apologise in advance if I'm tardy with commenting on your blogs or returning comments during the week... I will get to you though!

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States


30 Oct 2007 6:02am

@Craiger: Thank you Craiger!

Inés from Namur, Belgium

Really love the heykey PP !!! and the angle it just perfect ! great shot !

30 Oct 2007 9:05am

@Inés: Thank you Inés!

Robert from New York, United States

Clean, sharp and wonderfull!!

30 Oct 2007 12:29pm

@Robert: Cheers Robert.

Amir from ?, Iran

Really cool and white shot

30 Oct 2007 1:25pm

@Amir: Thanks Amir.

Katie from Land of a 1000 palms..., United States

I REALLY like the contrasts here...Great shot! Thanks for stopping by my page:)

30 Oct 2007 1:36pm

@Katie: You're welcome. Thank you Katie!

Austin from San Diego, CA, United States

Cool shot. This reminds me of the Michael Jackson "Scream" music video.

30 Oct 2007 5:11pm

@Austin: Umm... thanks?

Wolfgang Prigge from Granby, Québec, Canada

Looks like an aseptic world!

30 Oct 2007 8:51pm

@Wolfgang Prigge: Yes, trying to get a sterile look. Thanks Wolfgang!

Richard_Irwin from Belper, United Kingdom

Cool high key work, its graphically spot on.

30 Oct 2007 9:28pm

@Richard_Irwin: Thanks Richard!

Eric from Concord, United States

Has a very dream or flashback like quality, very quiet and slow motion feel to this shot. I like it!

31 Oct 2007 12:10am

@Eric: Thank you Eric.

The Amazing Kevin from Cleverville, Australia

Love the negative space here, D. It gives the Japanese indoor landscape the 'sanitised' feel it so richly deserves. Time to clean the footpath now... :)

31 Oct 2007 3:45am

@The Amazing Kevin: Thank you A.K!

Ale Triskele from Torino, Italy

This is a cool shot..b\w very strong..well done for me!

31 Oct 2007 11:34am

@Ale Triskele: Thanks Ale!

Claudio from Porto, Portugal

Wonderfull high key liked also the DOF

1 Nov 2007 1:15am

@Claudio: Thanks Claudio!

pedro alexandre from loures, Portugal

very clean! looks like heaven of the future.

1 Nov 2007 4:13pm

@pedro alexandre: Thank you pedro!

Jennifer Radio from Statesville, United States

Love the contrast & futuristic aspect of it.

2 Nov 2007 12:55pm

@Jennifer Radio: Cheers Jennifer!

PNetzer from Cologne, Germany

very nice contrast, nice atmosphere!

2 Nov 2007 5:55pm

@PNetzer: Thanks PNetzer!

olubolu from Honolulu, United States

i really like this shot. is it an underground flea market of some sort? very interesting.

4 Nov 2007 10:33am

@olubolu: Thanks olubolu. It's an underground shopping mall. There's a huge complex of underground malls under the train stations in central Osaka. Underground malls are very common in cities across Japan. This part was mostly closed this day hence the shutters and few people.

SPunkt from -, Germany

uh, very … clean. sterile. great contrast work!

5 Nov 2007 6:30pm

@SPunkt: Cheers SPunkt!

filipe franco from Lagoa, Azores, Portugal

your photographs never cease to amaze me! Marvelous image with great range of tones, depth and detail !!!...Looks great

13 Nov 2007 11:09am

@filipe franco: Cheers filipe!

caratteraccio from Sala al Barro, Italy


21 Jan 2008 11:54am

@caratteraccio: Thanks caratteraccio!