I apologise in advance if I'm tardy with commenting on your blogs or returning comments during the week... I will get to you though!

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

Fantastic compo Daroru, people watching, people doing, light, dark, really well done :)

10 Dec 2007 10:56am

@Lorraine: Cheers Lorraine!

Michael Rawluk from Prince George, Canada

The use of the indoors to frame the gorgeous outdoors is wonderful.

10 Dec 2007 4:42pm

@Michael Rawluk: Thanks Michael! I think you need to type your website address in the information part of the comments section Michael, otherwise people can't automatically go to your site.

Eleftheria, 9 years old, from Athens, Greece

This is a classic Japanese, but so beautiful!

10 Dec 2007 4:45pm

@Eleftheria, 9 years old,: Thanks Eleftheria!

kairospix from Singapore, Singapore

ah you know you have a knack for taking very interesting and cool shots of people form the back!
i like this! the composition, the contrast between dark and light, colour and monochrome! fantastic!

10 Dec 2007 4:51pm

@kairospix: Thanks K!

yiannis krikis from thessaloniki, Greece

nice lighting and colors

10 Dec 2007 6:22pm

@yiannis krikis: Cheers yiannis!

Wolfgang Prigge from Granby, Québec, Canada

I like the play of light and shadow, the looking out of the building, really nice!

10 Dec 2007 8:48pm

@Wolfgang Prigge: Cheers Wolfgang!

Andy from London, United Kingdom

Agree with all the above! It definitely emphasizes the way traditional Japanese architecture blurs the boundary between inside and outside...

10 Dec 2007 9:52pm

@Andy: Thank you Andy.

Rags from Plano, United States

great use of light. I like the image.

11 Dec 2007 4:02am

@Rags: Thanks Rags.

filipe franco from Lagoa, Azores, Portugal

This space must be really special. When I go to Japan I go there!. I like in special the tones from the wood and the point of the escape from abroad.... I like also the relation between the persons!

Cool shot

13 Dec 2007 1:25am

@filipe franco: Thanks filipe. Arashiyama is a very famous and beautiful part of Kyoto.

Brites from Lisboa, Portugal

Very beautiful!
Cheers Daroru.

19 Dec 2007 9:15pm

@Brites: Thank you Brites.