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Queuing for Things in Tokyo, Part 2

Posted by
Daryl Johnson (Worcester Park, United Kingdom) on 4 April 2008 in Lifestyle & Culture.

Japan is famous for its amazing food and the quality of its produce and restaurants. There is a truly bewildering and exciting choice of things to eat in the country, and Tokyo, as the capital, is a true gourmet paradise.

I apologise in advance if I'm tardy with commenting on your blogs or returning comments during the week... I will get to you though!

drphoto from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

I'm sensing some sort of irony, you're talking about the high quality of food in japan and then show people queueing outside of a Krispy Kreme doughnut store!

I like the girl on the left who has spotted you in contrast to everyone else, oblivious =D)

4 Apr 2008 9:09am

@drphoto: Cheers Daniel!

Japanalia from Yokohama, Japan

This must be some kind of sales! Well captured! Again...the feeling of the atmosphere!

4 Apr 2008 11:10am

@Japanalia: They really are very good doughnuts you know...

Kulikowski from Ostroleka, Poland


4 Apr 2008 11:42am

@Kulikowski: You're welcome!

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

Now I've seen it all, Krispy Kreme in Japan. Looks like a lot of people are lining up for a sugar rush. This is a very popular franchise in the US so I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but like drphoto, my irony detector is beeping. It's interesting to see everyone wearing coats. I know better and have watched any number of Japanese movies where it is snowing, but for some reason, I don't think of it as being cold there.

4 Apr 2008 1:49pm

@Twelvebit: It really was cold... This was the first Krispy Kreme in Japan, and, as far as I know, it's still the only one. The fact that it is 'famous' and 'American' is enough to ensure the queues, despite other doughnut shops around in Japan offering products of equal quality...

Mike from Chester, United Kingdom

Sure looks a busy place.............

4 Apr 2008 6:31pm

@Mike: Very!

SPunkt from -, Germany

They didn't queue as long as for an Apple. (biiiig joke alarm)
No, really: Queuing for doghnuts is sort of … well, if they are good, understandable.

4 Apr 2008 7:34pm

@SPunkt: Yes...! You heard about the Apple Store? And actually, this was only half the queue!

Vikram from Chandler, United States

This is also a very nice shot!
No wonder why there is so much rush for a hot coffee. Its cold weather (and more than that its an American store:)) I agree with your thoughts).
I cannot stop noticing the colour tones. I wonder what you do to get this effect. Or it just came out like this.

4 Apr 2008 7:38pm

@Vikram: Thanks Vikram. I made some curve and level adjustments using Paintshop. But not much work done on this shot, as it was quite a throwaway one!

standley from brou-sur-chantereine, France

What an amazing queue for food. You captured it very well. I like the colours!

4 Apr 2008 7:40pm

@standley: Cheers standley!

vu@granby - Wolfgang from Granby, Quebec, Canada

I hope there is a very efficient staff to handle the crowds in need of a sugar fix...

4 Apr 2008 8:43pm

@vu@granby - Wolfgang: Oh yes Wolfgang. This is the second half of the queue. The queue actually starts around the corner. You can see the staff member in the red jacket arranging the line. Once you get through the first queue, the staff give a free coffee and doughnut to the people in line, who are then sent to the second queue. So if all you want is a coffee and a doughnut, you don't need to go any further...

ajoeh from Mataram, Indonesia

Great color tone, nice street photo.

5 Apr 2008 12:16am

@ajoeh: Cheers ajoeh!

Barbara from Florida, United States

This one had me smiling. I know the Japanese take pride in their freshness for food. They all look young and will be surprised a few years from now after breaking the habit of eating healthy will catch up with them.
Oddly a few years ago a Krispy Kreme was built not far from where I live. It closed in less than 2 years.

8 Apr 2008 9:54am

@Barbara: That kind of food culture is becoming more popular here as time goes by.